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Springboard technical skills development in teaching, learning and assessment - London College of Apprenticeship Training

Principal focus of the project

The project worked through a multi-member partnership including employers and practitioner to develo of employer-led training models deliver improved retention, satisfaction and learner outcomes. the report focussed particularly on measures of skill development . the project also explored if English & Maths can be delivered with better results as a fully online programme within Apprenticeship Standards.

What is this about and what were the main findings?

the project generated many tools and resources including a skills tracker, review mechanisms and learner voice collecting tools. The pilot maths/English webinar facilitated programme achieve a  pass rate of 78% is 17% higher than 2016/17 results, and nearly 25% for Maths. All learners welcomed the flexibility, and high satisfaction in the concept of studying through webinar facilitated learning, and recommending it as a way to learn. Learners didn’t necessarily see the specialist teachers being better than traditional delivery through Workbased Assessors. There were differences in responses between learners on diferent Technicla Routes in the receptivity to the maths/English offer. Data was gathered from interviews/surveys. 

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Graham Howe - London College of Apprenticeship Training

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A multi-stranded project developing curriculum models, skills development and tracking and flexible English and maths delivery -  within Apprenticeship Standards across 2 key technical routes – Construction & Business Administration.