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Stepping Up in Sustainability: Walsall Adult Community College - Employer Engagement: Use of on-line technology to reduce environmental impact and maximise social capital

Principal focus of the project

The primary focus of of the project was to reduce environmental impact of visits to employers using video conferencing and digital communications instead. At the time, video conferencing was not widespread so discussions with stakeholders took place to ascertain their feelings towardfs web-based technology and guidance on approaching future training. Data from these conversations and guidance from web-based services were developed into a training manual.

Areas of learning
What is this about and what were the main findings?

Periodic reviews, taking place every 6 weeks for apprenticeship employers, managers, and apprentices, at each employer had high cost and environmental impact. A training manual and advice on relevant techology (e.g. webcams) was used to overcome technical imitations and staff apprehension about conducting the reviews remotely. Over f 52 reviews in 10 organisations were conducted in this fashion saving saved 356 miles travelled, and associated costs. This also led to a reduction of 73kg of carbon emissions. Practitioners were at first reluctant to take part or embrace the technology, but later on made comments that showed extension of knowledge of understanding, a fostering of dialogue, and empowerment to access and understand information. Data was gathered from interviews/surveys and observation of practice. 

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Ellie Elliot - Walsall Adult Community College

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Stepping Up in Sustainability


A case study of a project designed to reduce enviromental impacts of employer engagement through the use of IT for communications.