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Practitioner Research and Evidence Portal

This site brings together resources generated by practitioner researchers who have been involved in several of the programmes funded by the Education and Training Foundation (ETF). The materials include practitioner researchers’ succinct reports of what was tried and how effective it was together, in many cases, with presentations, classroom materials, evaluation tools and other useful resources. The site will be of interest to practitioners and leaders in the FE sector who want to use research and evidence generated by other practitioners to improve their practice and the outcomes for learners.

The resources are organised under five key themes, each of which include between four and six sub-themes. For instance, Evaluation and Assessment has the sub-themes: Inspection, Formative Assessment, Staff Performance and Summative Assessment. Selecting a sub-theme will present you with a summarised list showing some key features of the research project and the resources it offers. Clicking on an item in the list will reveal an expanded summary(*), including links to the downloadable resources. You can filter this list by applying any of the standard filtering criteria available on the Excellence Gateway website including those criteria specific to PREP.

The themes and sub-themes are intended to give a helpful starting point for your exploration of the resources. They are not mutually exclusive categories as individual research resources will probably appear under several categories.