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Employer responsiveness - Chichester College: Employer Responsiveness Matters


This set of resources relates to one of nine projects focusing on developing Apprenticeships, employer responsiveness and pre-employment provision. The projects designed, piloted and delivered activity in one or more of the above strands, including workshops, study or exchange visits, coaching and mentoring, consultancy and the development of self assessment tools. The aim of this project was to work with other providers who deliver employer responsive provision to help the college improve their services and increase their revenue from this engagement. As part of the project, they delivered six workshops covering separate employer responsiveness themes to providers, offered coaching and mentoring and facilitated exchange visits. Resources developed to share with the sector include six workshop outlines to help providers engage teams through a cascading approach, and materials that may help teams focus their time on employer visits and elicit pertinent information for formulating an offer that is responsive and relevant to employers.

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