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Workbooks Designed Especially for Women Prisoners Enable Learners to Become More Independent

Principal focus of the project

The aim of this project was to enable women prisoners to work independently during lockdown on their underlying Maths skills. 

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The Women’s Estate (North), HMP Low Newton, HMP Styal, HMP Newhall and HMP Askham Grange collaborated as a working group to develop adaptable, blended learning workbooks to make Maths accessible and support learners via in-cell learning. City & Guilds Entry Level 3 ‘Bitesize’ units were introduced, and in-cell phones installed to allow for verbal support and feedback between tutor and learner. Indivdiaul Assessments were reintroduced and blended learning trackers created to enable monitoring of learner progression. The project reported that the workbooks had been particularly effective with the more motivated laerners, but that the personal contact had been invaluable.

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Four prisons collaborated to produce adaptable blended-learning workbooks to enable women prisoners to work independently on their Maths skills during lockdown. 

Resource Type: Research report