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Integration of maths and English in vocational programmes — Shipley College

Principal focus of the project

The principal focus of the project was on learners  working towards a stepping-stone qualification and not yet ready to take GCSE maths and English. Each partner identified both a treatment group and control group from their vocational courses where the majority of learners were working towards maths and English qualifications as part of their study programme. Learners took a formal assessment at the start of the project and a number of learners took a further formal assessment at the same level, or level above, to provide a quantitative measure of progress later in the project. 

Areas of learning
What is this about and what were the main findings?

The programme included mathis and English specialists working with vocational tutors to plan sessions; observations of sessions by project leads, stimulated recall interviews and questionnaires. An analysis of the impact evidence showed improvements in both Functional Skills maths and English of between 6% and 9% on previous years. Vocational tutors developed increased skills and confidence in integrating maths and English. There was also evidence of cultural shift, with a renewed energy and commitment to pursue excellence in teaching maths and English. 

Number of participants who worked with the project
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Liz Barker - Shipley College

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A case study of a project that aimed at  strengthening  outcomes for maths and English with a vocational qualification, trialling the use of English and maths resources developed by the Education and Training Foundation.