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Myerscough College - Equality and Diversity Curriculum and the Community

Principal focus of the project

To provide cultural awareness and highlight the the key differences between the male and female responses across all subject areas. The students experience survey explored differences in theleanrign  experince for male and female students . differences are explored, in particular, in relation to course expectations, learning materials and feedback. There are also reflections on to what extent these differences impact on achievement.

Areas of learning
What is this about and what were the main findings?

The students experience survey identified some differences and that male students overall have a more positive experience in these areas than the female students. The project team conlcude that it is important for teachers to understand the evidence from students about these differences and to consider how male and female students were responding to marketing information, to seek peer feedback on lesson plans from a gender perspective,to  review  and, if possible, extend practical sessions and review the entent to which approaches to feedback take account of female students' reluctance  to ask for support. The students responded well to what was taught they seemed to enjoy learning about different religions, beliefs and countries etc. One thing that was noticeable was an increased desire to engage in discussion and share ideas. Data was gathered from interviews/surveys. 

Number of participants who worked with the project

A project aimed to understand the reasons behind the different attainment levels between male and female students. Extensive exmaples of tools and resources are provided.

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