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Outstanding teaching, learning and assessment: case study on operational project led by Creative Process

Principal focus of the project

The aim of the project was to find new and innovative ways to offer digital marketing apprenticeships that are outstanding, through working in collaboration with employers, apprentices and a partner provider.

Areas of learning
What is this about and what were the main findings?


The feedback collected as part of the operational project has been used to make the following changes and improvements to the digital marketing apprenticeship programme: Development of a new ‘work in the media’ education site to be used as part of a ‘flipped classroom’ approach to the all-important initial teaching, learning and assessment; & A new scheme of work: this features core learning delivered over the first half of the apprenticeship as part of fourteen training days, and learning for all competence-based units /outcomes will take place in the workplace.

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Julie Guest - Creative Process

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Get Into Media


A case study on an OTLA London project led by Creative Process on developing innovative apprenticeships in digital marketing.

Resource Type: Case study
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