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talent website: Heading for Success Workpacks


An extensive collection of literacy and numeracy materials produced by Milton Keynes College as part of the Heading for Success project. These materials were originally housed on the talent website.

Heading for Success was a project that aimed to use the power of football to motivate adults to improve their literacy, language and numeracy skills.

These materials can be downloaded and re-branded as necessary. The content can also be adapted to make it suitable for lower level learners.

Topics covered by the packs include:

Pack 1 Team Spirit - A newsletter that links to a number of the activities below.
Pack 2 All about words
Pack 3 Spelling strategies
Pack 4 Getting started with punctuation:
Pack 5 Types of text
Pack 6 Asking the right questions
Pack 7 Reading detail
Pack 8 Using the personal badge
Pack 9 Skills and personal qualities

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