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Finding resources

The Education & Training Foundation is currently embarking on a major project to update the metadata associated with all the Excellence Gateway resources. Updating more than 14,000 resources in the Gateway is a major task, so we’ve provided this handy guide to help users get the most out of the Gateway while this work is being done.

There are two main ways of getting to resources: searching and using the metadata labels.

1. Searching

For most visitors, site search will be the best way to unearth content in the Gateway. Search looks up the title and description of all Gateway resources, and it will even give you an indication of how many search results your current search term will return.

To find the most recently published resources on the Gateway, just perform a blank search and reorder by date, or use this shortcut.

You can refine your search by using the ‘filters’ on the right hand side, based on metadata labels in one of the six categories we believe are most relevant to the sector. This includes audience, resource type, theme, organisation, subject type and subject level.

The numbers in brackets next to each label show how many of your search terms are tagged accordingly, so you can further streamline your search. The more labels you select, the fewer resources will be returned. To remove a label, simply select it again.


2. Using metadata labels

You can also ‘browse’ the site using metadata labels alone. When the ETF finishes its work on re-tagging site content, we expect this to be the best route to relevant content; however, while this work is being done you may find that it doesn’t return all the results you’d expect.


Using ‘Browse resources’

On the homepage you’ll see the six metadata categories and the most popular labels within each category. To see all the labels within that category select the title or ‘more’; or click on an individual label for all resources tagged as such.


‘Discovering’ resources

Finally, we’ve also included a feature that lets you use metadata labels in combination to refine your search quickly and easily. ‘Discover resources’ enables users to select from one of the top ten metadata labels under the six main categories.

Each time you select a label the resource number on the ‘discover resources’ button will update, giving you a visual indication of the number of results you’ll get for different combinations of labels. Then press ‘discover’ to go straight to the listings page.

We hope you found this guide helpful. Over the coming months we’ll be working hard to re-tag resources under consistent terms. It’s a major task, but will ensure that the Gateway becomes an invaluable repository of sector resources.