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Why conduct research & how to get involved

There are many ways of engaging with and using research. All practitioners are encouraged to develop their judgement about what works in their practice to ensure the best outcomes for all learners – research is key to this process.

Why engage in practitioner-led research?

Taking part in practitioner-led research:

  • can directly benefit learners, by improving teaching, learning and assessment
  • can lead to learners having a deeper understanding of, and shaping their own learning journeys
  • is a powerful form of CPD for practitioners as they are more likely to commit to changes to teaching, learning and assessment when they have confidence in the potential impacts of doing so from their own experience
  • you can meet with other practitioners to plan changes and then return to discuss how they worked in practice.

We can therefore consider practitioner research as a core aspect of professional practice.

How can you get involved in research opportunities?

The ETF offer lots of opportunities to get involved in research, including:

There are also research resources available for members of the Society in Education and Training (SET).