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Barnet College: LIPSTICK – Learning Improved by Personalisation - Skills Technology Information Communication and Knowledge

Principal focus of the project

The focus of the project was to improve retention on Media Makeup courses by  exploring the use of mobile phones by learners for planning learning and use them in class to make notes and take pictures/video of their work.

What is this about and what were the main findings?

The college invested in a range of mobile (software) techologies for use by learners on their own phones. Some internal development work and training was required to introduce staff and learners to the technology (particularly data/image capture and transfer).
Impacts included improved retention (27.5% increase). Better IT skills (staff and learners) and greater collaboration. Data was gathered from interviews/surveys and participant observations. 

Number of participants who worked with the project
Name(s) of authors

Barnet College

Name of associate programmes

LSIS - Leadership in Technology


A project introducing mobile technology resources to support Media  Makeup programmes  aimed to increase responsibility and ownership of students' personal progress as well as review the delivery method of teaching and the recording of learning throught the use of student owned mobile services.