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Alder Training Limited: Alder E-Learning

Principal focus of the project

This project set out to develop an e-learning platform within an independant training provider (working initially with dental nursing students). The system was intended to provide a resources platform, support learner communications and to integrate with a wider learner database. Designed in two phases, only the first phase was completed.

What is this about and what were the main findings?

The project has achieved the following:

- Well-designed and functional e-learning system in place.

- E-Learning system now fully integrated with existing systems and databases, with secure data transfer protocols in place.

- Good range of learning materials produced and uploaded onto the system (with additional resources currently being produced)

- Improved use of IT in the delivery of learning

Data was gathered from observation of practice.

Number of participants who worked with the project
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Alder Training Limited


The aim of this project was to create an e-learning platform for learners. to store learning resources specific to each individual and to support learner communication, leading to improved retention and achievement.