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Workshadowing in the community: Foresight Training

Principal focus of the project

The focus was on understanding the perspectives and opportunities present in the local community by observing the differences in how the two participants interacted with charitable, community and church-based organisations in the area as part of a work shadowing collaboration. In addition to the work shadowing itself, the practitioner/author worked with their colleague to evaluate responses to a consultation letter produced by their employer, and identify from this what are some of the key concerns of local stakeholders.

Areas of learning
What is this about and what were the main findings?

The researcher reflected that as a result of the workshadow they learnt how to work "outside the box", understanding that there are no rights or wrongs of working with a community. THe researcher also learnt how spending dedicated time with the local community at the venues they use in their everyday lives helps make it possible to talk to them in an environment where they feel most comfortable. Data was gathered from observation of practice. 

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Jodie Whotton - Foresight


This case study explored the impacts of a work shadowing placement on the organisation, the partner organisation and the community, and the lessons learned.

Resource Type: Case study
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