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Policy versus practice: Exploring factors which influence progress with ESOL students

Principal focus of the project

This research focussed on the pressures on curriculum departments to squeeze learners through qualifications they are not ready for, compromising progression.

Areas of learning
What is this about and what were the main findings?

Semi-structured interviews were held with ESOL Entry Level 2 students regarding their learning experience. From this small sample, findings suggested that given learners' often complex lives, curriculum planning should reflect their needs, with opportunities made available to delay formal qualification where appropriate - using methods such as RARPA or unitised qualifications.

Number of participants who worked with the project
Name(s) of authors

Yvonne Ogorek-Zarate

Name of associate programmes

ETF/sunCETT MA Short Course, Practitioner Research Programme


This study explored the potential tension that exists between current funding and quality systems and realistic progression rates in ESOL.