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Embedding Maths

Principal focus of the project

The aim of this project was to help apprentices and learning coaches identify where Maths was naturally embedded within the workplace and therefore its relevance.

Areas of learning
What is this about and what were the main findings?

A multi-skilled project team focussed on Warehousing apprentices. Learning coaches collaborated with Functional Skills tutors, Technology and learners to produce scenario-based Maths problems around what naturally occurred at work. They also produced short videos to help both the learner and coaches reflect on their practice, provide evidence of competency, and develop training resources. The project reported that learners and managers had started to see the relevance of teaching Maths and problem-solving skills.

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TCHC Group, All Trades Training Ltd.

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OTLA Shaping Success


This project supported learning coaches and learners in identifying where Maths naturally occurred in the workplace and in understanding its relevance. 

Resource Type: Research report