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A Flipped Approach to Engaging, Supporting and Building Confidence

Principal focus of the project

The aim of this project was to explore the extent to which employing diagnostic assessment as a core aspect of online delivery prior to classes would be beneficial to GCSE Maths Resit students. 

Areas of learning
What is this about and what were the main findings?

The team used Google Classroom with a 5-step delivery model and Hegarty Maths, a self-assessment website, incorporated into the learning. Google Forms were used to produce weekly diagnostic and end-of-session mini exams, and applications such as Google Slides, Pear Deck, Jamboard and Maths Bot for pace and variety. Learner voice was captured from a small cohort, including both study programme learners and post-19 learners, which led to the team introducing hinge questions. The project reported that this approach had been largely positive with students engaging with the materials. 

Number of participants who worked with the project
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The Sheffield College

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OTLA Shaping Success


This project  investigated whether a more nuanced approach to weekly digital diagnostic assessments for GCSE Mathematics Resit classes would improve learner motivation and confidence.