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Did You Finish that Sandwich? Using Structured Sequential Phonics with Adult Literacy Learners

Principal focus of the project

This project explored how effective a linguistics phonics literacy intervention would be at improving the spelling and reading of Entry Level 2 learners online.

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What is this about and what were the main findings?

This project trialled the use of That Reading Thing (Millar, 2020), an intervention for teens and adults, in one-to-one sessions with Entry Level 2 Literacy learners - including those with dyslexia - during the COVID-19 pandemic, both online and face to face. The project reported that it demonstrated that adults with reading and spelling challenges had made more progress using this approach than would normally have been expected in a group class context.

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Islington Adult Community Learning

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OTLA Shaping Success


This project trialled the effectiveness of using a linguistic phonics intervention in one-to-one online sessions with Entry Level 2 Literacy learners. 

Resource Type: Case study, Research report