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Beginner EDS? There's an App for that!

Principal focus of the project

This project explored the extent to which Manchester Adult Education Services's (MAES) Learning Community app could support Foundation English and ESOL learners to develop their EDS in a blended learning environment. 

Areas of learning
What is this about and what were the main findings?

The app - a website resembling a simplified Google Classroom  - was upgraded to prepare learners for potential future EDSQs. A 'Digtial Skills Clock' was created to highlight how and when they used digital skills, which led to a focus on email and video conferencing. The team felt that the simplicity of the app was really effective for lower-level learners and felt more effective than Google Classroom. MAES are now using it as the main learning management system for their Pre-Entry Digital for ESOL course.

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Manchester Aduult Education Service

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OTLA Essential Digital Skills


The project aimed to develop MAES's Learning Community app to provide a safe and supportive space for learners to develop their digital skills. 

Resource Type: Research report