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Emojis in English & ESOL

Principal focus of the project

The project focussed on using emojis - a familiar, fun and universal language - to help learners develop their vocabulary acquisiton skills and confidence in the use of new words. 

Areas of learning
What is this about and what were the main findings?

Learners were encouraged to use emojis for reading, writing, and developing vocabulary, through concentrating on persuasive, emotive writing skills. The intention was to create a strong link between image and meaning, that would then be built upon. Learners interpreted emojis, developed vocabulary around them and used the newly acquired language. They then created their own emojis and associated sentiments with them too. The project reported that this approach had had a significant impact on learners' attitude towards  reading, and enhanced the acquisition and retention of vocabulary.

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Kendal College, South Lakes Community Learning

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Kendal College and South Lakes Community Learning aimed at developing a learner-led strategy, incorporating emojis to ignite learner motivation, engagement and build resilience in English and ESOL.

Resource Type: Case study, Research report