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Resit Resilience - The Sheffield College

Principal focus of the project

This project aimed to explore the extent to which the explicit delivery of ‘mindsets for learning’ activities would impact the confidence, resilience and achievements of resit GCSE English Language and Functional Skills learners.

Areas of learning
What is this about and what were the main findings?

A scheme of work using 'mindset for learning' activities was developed and shared with a team of English teachers, to adapt to their own style and deliver across a range of vocational areas. Students' initial levels of confidence, and attitudes towards learning were measured, before the weekly activities, each only lasting 5 to10 minutes, were delivered. The project reported there had been a noticeable improvement in the attitudes of many students towards learning and their relation to it, as well as a significant decrease in behavioural interventions. Teachers felt that collaboration, and their own engagement with the project, had had a profound impact on their practice. 

Number of participants who worked with the project
Name of associate programmes

OTLA 6 (English)


An OTLA project by Sheffield College exploring the impact of the explicit delivery of ‘mindsets for learning’ activities on student confidence, resilience and achievements.