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Creating a Reading Culture: Using Accelerated Reader to Improve Reading Skills - Bolton College

Principal focus of the project

This project set out to engage and develop the thinking skills of low-ability learners who are resistant to reading, and improve retention.

What is this about and what were the main findings?

The English Department - in collaboration with vocational tutors and the Library - chose classes from Foundation Learning (FL) and the Motor Vehicle programme, to explore how to encourage private reading. Learners received a weekly reading hour in the Library, using texts which met the level of ability identified by their Accelerated Reader, as well as their own interest. The project reported that whilst some resistance to the written word had remained, there had also been enough improvement in outcomes to encourage them to develop this approach.

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OTLA 6 (English)


An OTLA project by Bolton College that set out to engage with learners who had the weakest performance using the Accelerated Reader programme; a software assessment that identified areas of development and the reading level.

Resource Type: Case study, Report
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