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A Summary of Projects in the OTLA Phase 5 Programme – Learner progress in maths and English


Throughout the 2018/19 academic year, Achievement for All (AfA) funded by the Education and Training Foundation supported 10 project teams whose organisations offer vocational and technical qualifications and support for learners retaking maths and English or adults taking them for the first time. This report details the findings from the 10 original projects and six extensions which ended in March 2020. Each focused on different aspects maths and English for post -16 learners, seeking – via action research – to identify creative solutions to issues including: learners not being able to contextualise their progress in relation to the industry standards of their chosen vocation; ineffective target-setting hindering learners’ understanding of what they must do to progress; and teachers needing support to translate their general understanding of what progress looks like into what it means in a specific subject +area.

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