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Meaningful maths and English resource pack


Welcome to the Meaningful maths and English resource pack.  The pack is designed to help teachers across the FE and skills sector to teach Entry and pre-Entry level maths and English in a way that engages learners with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

The resources in this pack show you how to make maths and English meaningful to learners by linking them directly to work-related or life skills activity.  They include:

  1. A teacher guidebook covering embedding and contextualising maths and English, taking a person-centred approach, building a non-accredited programme, understanding what pre-Entry maths and English look like, and cross-departmental approaches to teaching maths and English
  2. My Job and My Life – a two-part activity designed to help learners understand the importance of maths and English in the context of work and everyday life. (Instructions for delivery are included within the slides themselves).
  3. Make it Meaningful – a self-directed CPD activity for teachers and support staff to aid recognition of the Entry and pre-Entry level maths and English skills inherent in workplace activity and/or everyday life and support collaborative working between specialist and vocational teachers
  4. A set of teaching and learning resources for use with learners, with accompanying teacher guidance notes.  (Resources are presented in editable formats so that you can adapt them to meet the individual needs of your learners.)

The pack has been developed for the Education and Training Foundation by Natspec and four of its member colleges:

  • Communication Specialist College Doncaster
  • Derwen College
  • Foxes Academy
  • The Mount Camphill Community.
Resource Type: How to - CPD, Guides