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New to ESOL Research Report


This report summarises research conducted by Learning and Work Institute (L&W) for a project commissioned by the Education and Training Foundation to provide support to English for Other Languages (ESOL) practitioners working with learners at ‘pre-Entry’ and Entry Level 1. L&W is an independent policy and research organisation dedicated to promoting lifelong learning, full employment and inclusion.
Learning English, particularly at the lower proficiency levels, has great strategic importance for community cohesion, inclusion and unlocking individual potential. There is a growing demand for ESOL provision at pre-Entry and Entry Level 1 and a recognition that teaching these learners is a specialism that requires considerable expertise.
The report includes a review of relevant research and policy documents, and the analysis of qualitative research with professional ESOL practitioners and volunteers supporting English language learning and insight from a number of interviews directly with learners, including refugees.

Resource Type: Report
Web link for this resource: New to ESOL Research report Aug 2019.pdf