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Gateshead College - feasibility study for an incubation studio to support transition to employment and work placement

Principal focus of the project

The focus of this project has been outstanding teaching, learning and assessment and how this type of provision could enhance our existing offer as well as preparing for the future challenges associated with the changes to post 16 landscape.

What is this about and what were the main findings?

The studio gave the incentive of real work experience. It boosted confidence and interpersonla skills, problem based learning and problem solving.

Number of participants who worked with the project
Name of associate programmes



As part of the OTLA National Technical Skills Programme, Gateshead College undertook a feasibility study to see if they could create an incubation studio that could support a transitional stage for students progressing from college game development and digital courses into the creative digital sector, specifically focused on the Games/Virtual & Augmented reality industries.

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