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Advanced Practitioner Case Study - Developing Outstanding Practitioners, Doncaster College & North Lindsey College

Principal focus of the project


The vision for the project was to create a Developmental AP Model where practices, vision and workforce were tasked to embody positive developmental coaching, growth mindset and to support all staff via non-judgemental peer to peer collaboration.

Areas of learning
What is this about and what were the main findings?

Throughout the project and development of the AP skillset a mentoring and buddy system was utilised. It also supported each individual AP through feedback and development discussions. The ‘rebranding’ of the observation team as the Lesson Enhancement Team added to the success of the project at it highlighted and strengthened the message of change and development.

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Doncaster College, working in partnership with North Lindsey College

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This phase was delivered by touchconsulting and CETTAcademy to evaluate the role of Advanced Practitioners (APs), as defined by Tyler et al (2017).

Resource Type: Case study