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Advanced Practitioner Case Study - Coaching in Action, LTE Group & Manchester College with Novus

Principal focus of the project

The principal focus was to define the key characteristics of 'coaching-in-action', so that APs could communicate them to teachers in a clear and succint way.

Areas of learning
What is this about and what were the main findings?

The project supported two groups of teachers, delivering monthly CPD workshops to promote the AP role and support for innovation at two colleges. The project found that both participating institutions benefited from receiving support from a neutral source. It found that the benefits were still felt when there was no prior coach-coachee relationship between the participants. The key initiatives were adopted by the wider AP team post-project.

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A case study that sought to evaluate the role of Advanced Practitioners and explored the functions and values of the AP role within the partnership's quality improvement priorities.

Resource Type: Case study