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Excellence in Hospitality - London South East Colleges

Principal focus of the project

The project intended to create a comprehensive industry-led learning model for students in vocational hospitality learning courses, where the boundaries between vocational teaching, learning, assessment and work experience were removed. The intention was that this model would create an environment in which all environments were seen as teaching and learning environments, and all staff were seen as teachers, trainers and/or assessors.

What is this about and what were the main findings?

The project involved created a variety of components for the model, including a Teaching Skills Academy, a Teaching Toolkit, an Employer Advisory Board, and a mechanism of Curriculum Endorsement. Pre and post self-assessments for participants demonstrated the journey teachers took in making judgements about their own practice's effectiveness, and there were substantial improvements to practice relating to a number of the Professional Standards.

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Tracey Davis - London and South East Colleges

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A case study of a project to develop an innovative, industry-led learning model focused on the development of technical skills for vocational learners in the hospitality industry.

Resource Type: Case study, Toolkit
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