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Toolkit: Using competition activity in the vocational curriculum with learners with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)


Competition activity is a great way to raise aspirations, improve learners’ skills and employment prospects, strengthen learning programmes and introduce an element of excitement into the vocational curriculum.  While competition activity is relatively well-established as a feature of the curriculum at higher levels, it is less commonly used with learners at Entry level and Level 1.  However, providers who have been exploring the use of competition with learners with SEND report that it is just as beneficial for their learners – and easy to implement.

This toolkit provides you with a range of resources that will help you to embed competition activity into your curriculum in a way that enthuses both staff and learners.  It also gives you some tips on getting employers involved. The toolkit includes:

  • an overarching guidebook
  • an introductory video 
  • sample competition briefs and marking schemes
  • competition brief and marking scheme templates
  • learner self-assessment and personal planning templates
  • an invitation letter for employers template.
Resource Type: Toolkit
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