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Toolkit: Co-creating the Curriculum with Learners with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities


Co-creating the curriculum is a great way to involve learners in deciding what to learn and how they might be taught. It can help you personalise study programmes, as well as providing an excellent context for helping learners with SEND to take more control over their lives as they practise making decisions and expressing preferences about their learning.

This toolkit has been designed to help curriculum managers and tutors in FE settings to explore co-creation, explain the concept to colleagues and engage their learners with SEND in co-creating their curriculum in a meaningful way. The Toolkit includes: 1_Empowering learners with SEND through co-creation video (; 2_Co-creating introduction presentation for senior managers; 3_ Co-creating introduction presentation for staff; 4_Five key steps to get you started; 5_C0-creating a scheme of work with learners with SEND; 6_Co-creation in action: examples of effective practice.

Resource Type: Toolkit