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Engaging staff with using digital technology - OTLA Digital Case Study 

Principal focus of the project

Three local authority providers in the North East identified embedding of digital technologies teaching, learning and assessment was identified as a recurring development area 
Partners agreed that an informal and enthusiastic approach to digital technologies focussed on 8 applications supported by workshops delivered by 12 champions

What is this about and what were the main findings?

Participants reported the beginning of significant shifts in attitudes, behaviours and beliefs from tutors who took part. Learners are becoming more active as staff change their technologies; for example, learners are beginning to annotate images using ‘Adobe Spark’, rather than passively watching PowerPoint. Learners are contributing more in sessions due to the stimulus for all learners to respond in Quizizz, Kahoot, etc. More engagement of learners with learning difficulties and disabilities.

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A  report of a digital skills initiative across 3 organisations focussed on 8 themes and involving 12 digital champions

Resource Type: Case study, Research report
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