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So what is the FE sector? A guide to the FE system in England


The Further Education (FE) sector is a wide-ranging and remarkably diverse section of the education system. It is made up of many different types of provider and offers a vast range of exciting education and training opportunities. The FE sector is vast; there are literally thousands of different options available including academic, vocational, and recreational courses. If you are a bit bewildered by it all, you are not alone! It can be difficult to understand how all the different parts fit together. That is where this guide comes in. Whether you are a school-leaver, an adult returning to learning, a parent, a practitioner or anyone else wanting a basic overview of the FE sector, this guide is for you. Part One provides an outline of the different types of FE providers, followed by a summary of some approaches to learning that are prominent in the sector. Part Two outlines some of the different types of qualification available.

Web link for this resource: FE guide October19.pdf