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A Summary of Projects in the OTLA Phase 3 (North East & Cumbria) Programme


A booklet containing a summary and evaluation of the work undertaken by the North East and Cumbria team as part of OTLA Phase 3 with its focus on attainment, retention and progression. Thirteen projects were awarded funding with the aim to develop outstanding teaching, learning and assessment within a variety of contexts in the further education and training sector. The projects involved 42 providers which represent the breadth of the sector including colleges, adult and community learning, offender learning, third sector and independent training providers. Over 200 practitioners were actively involved in the projects including some, such as construction trainers and student support assistants, who may have been excluded from participating in (and learning from) more academic research programmes. These collaborative projects have ensured that the changes that emerge from research into vocational teaching become implemented in classrooms and workshops by the practitioner-researchers themselves.