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Supporting learners with additional needs: A three-tier approach


This guide outlines ways that learners can get the support they need without necessarily drawing on Additional Learning Support funding. Some learners don’t want to be singled out as
needing extra help or to have a member of support staff visibly assigned to them. Enabling learners with additional needs to make good progress is as much about differentiated,
inclusive teaching and learning, as it is about high-quality learning support. And additional support does not always have to take the form of an ALS practitioner, as learners’ needs
can often be met through reasonable adjustments. To help teachers feel confident about applying inclusive practices in their teaching and learning and have at their fingertips an array of strategies to test out with individual learners, Milton Keynes College produced this resource for use in prisons in the East Midlands. The tips provided can be useful in supporting learners across the sector.

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