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Understanding the Role of Advanced Practitioners in English Further Education

Principal focus of the project

The focus is on exploring the use and impact of advanced practitioners in further education providers, understanding what effective practice looks like in terms of collaborating with APs, and demonstrating how to improve the quality of practice involving APs working with teachers, coaches, assessors and trainers

Areas of learning
What is this about and what were the main findings?

The research suggests that APs could be a pivotal quality improvement mechanism for FE providers, supporting them to overcome or circumvent a number of challenges around topics such as financial pressures and sector restructuring. As the sector shifts towards having fewer, larger, more resilient and more efficient providers, APs can help preserve high-calibre teaching, learning and assessment, and a culture of continuous professional development

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E. Tyler - IES

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This report describes the practice and results arising from in-depth case studies an a survey at 19 providers, outlining the use and perceived impact of advanced practitioners working in those settings.