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Digital Skills Starters and 'Enders'


This pack of simple activities encourages your learners to engage with digital technologies and develop digital literacies. The cards outline short (5 – 10 minute) digital skills building activities that you can use at the start or end of workshops, training or education sessions. It builds on the communication and maths cards produced by The Education and Training Foundation in 2017 (

Just like functional maths and English, helping people develop digital literacies and confidence in the use of digital tools and systems is something that everyone can contribute to.
Engaging in the activities will help people to develop confidence and abilities with digital skills enabling them to use digital tools and systems more effectively. This is particularly important not only for personal safeguarding and wellbeing but for future employability and lifelong learning.

In this set you will find: A toolbox – suggested useful resources, Digital skills shortages and needs data, A recognised Digital Skills Framework, Mapping of Framework to activities, Activity cards (1 - 12) with some suggested responses and solutions.