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Is a democratic ESOL class a reality or an oxymoron?

Principal focus of the project

This research focused on the impact of 'Conversation Clubs' for ESOL learners as a way to provide the right conditions for them to engage with a second language in meaningful dialogue. The strategies used within the research were delivered as a toolkit (not provided with the resource) giving examples of good practice to the people providing these conversation clubs.

What is this about and what were the main findings?

The evidence collected by the research indicated that conversation clubs for ESOL learners were a viable alternative or addition to traditional education that could supplement wider ESOL practice, and provide an inclusive, democratic, and participatory experience that supported second language learning. Data was collected through observation of practice and interviews/surveys.

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Ana McDermott - Thurrock Adult Community College

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A research poster detailing a project that sought to understand which strategies encourage participation and retention among ESOL learners, and to disseminate and promote them

Resource Type: Research poster
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