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Teach Different: Social Purpose Spaces

Principal focus of the project

The project had three core aims: establishing what works about a "Community of Praxis" model; evaluating possible improvements to increase the impact of democratic education, and; identifying new, impactful and cost- and time-effective innovations in blended learning

Areas of learning
What is this about and what were the main findings?

The project gathered data via online discussions, surveys, and real and virtual focus groups (facilitated as Philosophical Inquiries). The project's findings were structured around four key themes: Community; Education for Democracy; Rhizomatic Learning, and; Experiences in Digital Literacy. The authors noticed imporvements in the quality of enagement for learners and an enhanced teching, learning and CPD experince for teachers linked to the development of belnded learning through the community of Praxis. An OSTED report also provided triangulation for these reported benefits.

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A case study researching the development and maintenance of a "Community of Praxis" where teachers, learners, graduates and others share their experiences of teaching for a social purpose

Resource Type: Research report