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Developing Grit on GCSE Programmes

Principal focus of the project

The initial focus of the project was to understand learners' starting motivations and approach to studying, mainly in a GCSE exam-revision context, using a handbook to encourage lifelong learning qualities. The project then tried to develop a growth mindset for learners in Maths and English lessons to encourage positive attitudes to learning in the hope this would lead to greater achievement. Learners completed self-reflection grids and developed them to encourage thought and evaluation. This was followed by examination of learning personality types amongst learners to support study and revision approaches for future progression. These fed into mock examinations and learner questionnaires to assess impact.

What is this about and what were the main findings?

The research found that implenting revision strategies using a handbook to promote lifelong learning qualities promoted a growth mindset amongst learners, and subsequently that learners were positive about growth mindsets having impact on future successes. Learners understood the relationship between their own hard work and successes, but also that some learners were aware their own work was not as rigorous as it could be. Exam revision resources were found to be mostly supplied by teachers and learners still required direction for exam revision. Data was gathered through interviews/surveys and before/after assessments.

Number of participants who worked with the project
Name(s) of authors

James Taylor-Lawrence - City College Norwich

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A research poster and website describing a project whose aim was to develop attitudes to learning, particularly in relation to exam revision strategies, among GCSE learners.

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