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Teach Too: Blackburn College: working with local accountants to design and deliver core mathematics through SAGE

Principal focus of the project

The project used training on a SAGE accounting and payroll software course to support the development of maths skills for accounting students, developed collaboratively by Blackburn College and local accountants, to be delivered over 6 weeks.

What is this about and what were the main findings?

The course led to the students developing new skills in accuracy and report generation, as well as experience into the working life and practices of an accountant. College staff also increased their understanding of accountancy. The report also found that employers need to be supported within the classroom environment, and projects with local employers should be planned well in advance to avoid schedule conflicts.

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Catherine Pearson - Blackburn College

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Teach Too


A report into the use of accountacy software training for maths students to improve the employability of learners through skill acquisition.

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