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Teach Too: Barking & Dagenham College: joint planning with business to develop occupational practice in data analysis

Principal focus of the project

This project focused on building a library of case studies and real life scenarios from employers, developing teaching resources to support emerging technologies, and to enhance curriculum delivery by showing students the connections between employer requirements and their skills and knowledge.

What is this about and what were the main findings?

The participating students developed their analytical, evaluation, and data interpretation skills, and gained deeper understanding of skills shortages in the area and the transferability of their skills. There was also added value in the interactions between curriculum staff and employers for both sides. Staff gained skills, resources, and materials for their course, and employers gained a better understanding of pedagogy.

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Caryn Swart - Barking & Dagenham College

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Teach Too


A report on the creation, provision, and analysis of data-analytics training for maths students, to provide them with opportunities to apply and test theoretical knowledge to real work scenarios.

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