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Community ESOL conversation clubs:OTLA JPD Project: Thurrock Adult Community College

Principal focus of the project

Thurrock Adult Community College focused on a number of strategies to identify ESOL groups in the community and partners to design a training and support programme, to identify community leads from ethnic and faith groups to determine the purpose of ESOL clubs, and to design an ESOL training course programme with community partners.

What is this about and what were the main findings?

Learners took first steps into learning English in non-threatening contexts within the community, and became more accountable for their timing. Teacehrs stated that discussions where volunteers could ask questions to them about how they support learners' specific needs gave them an opportunity to reflect on their own practice.

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Ana McDermott - Thurrock Adult Community College

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A collection of resources and a report from a project aiming to develop a college's range, and engage members of minority communities in Thurrock through ESOL conversation clubs and college tutors.

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