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Developing communities of learning: OTLA JPD Project: Southend Adult Community College Final report

Principal focus of the project

The focus for the project was the use of teaching, learning and assessment professional development opportunities and materials to establish a peer based learning and professional development model across two community learning providers

Areas of learning
What is this about and what were the main findings?

Participating practitioners reflected on their existing practice and identified specific areas they wished to develop, which would form thematic foci to work on throughout the project. Participants formed "buddy" groups and organised visits to look more closely at themes, supported by tools. The project improved participants' understanding of motivation, gave them a chance to take ownership and accountability for their CPDL needs, and helped make the value of CPDL clear

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Southend Adult Community College

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A case study of a project intended to develop tutors' skills in self-evaluation and collaboration, in order to support developing a community of practice

Resource Type: Case study
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