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A Pathway to Excellence in TLA through in-house CPD  - Hospitality Training Partnership

Principal focus of the project

The Hospitality Training Partnership (HTP) devised its own training and development programme, mapped against national standards and qualification outcomes, embedding the organisations needs into the training. The project also sought to align key performance indicators (KPIs), appraisal and monitoring indicators within the delivery of teaching qualification to ensure staff not only met the national standards but also applied the organisation's requirements in the learning - namely, that all lessons are outstanding

What is this about and what were the main findings?

Anectodally, staff were much more comfortable in supporting learners in applying their learning to the workplace and overall there was a far greater degree of learner-centric activity. Data on learner achievement also indicated successes - specifically, all areas of the framework were judged to be at grade 1, and the qualification success rate was over 10% higher than the national average

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Hospital Training Partnership


A report on a project by a healthcare training provider on the use of in-house CPD to promote excellence in Teaching, Learning and Assessment, and support moving from external to internal teaching and accreditation linked with the organisation's CPD programme.

Resource Type: Case study