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TSSP: West Berkshire Training Consortium (WBTC)


The Traineeship Staff-Support Programme (TSSP) produced provider-led resources to help you deliver traineeships. The resources were developed in 2014 and remain relevent for colleges and providers looking to develop and grow traineeship programmes.These resouces from West Berkshire Training Consortium (WBTC) focused on supporting staff to engage with employers. This zip file includes: Traineeships developing positive attitudes and behaviours at work template - Traineeships workplace skills sector examples - Traineeships workplace skills template - Traineeships developing workplace skills - Traineeships employer briefing leaflet - Traineeships employer briefing toolkit user guide - Traineeships employer briefings presentation - Traineeships employer checklist - Traineeships placement induction record- Traineeships placement learning agreement - Traineeships placement record - Traineeship employer briefing information - Traineeships placements toolkit for training providers - Traineeships employment placement record front page - Traineeships learner placement record front page - Traineeship work placement project ideas - Traineeship work placement project ideas - Traineeship placement activity record template - Traineeship placement project template

Web link for this resource: WBTC TSSP