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Outstanding teaching, learning and assessment: case study on operational project led by St Mungo's Broadway

Principal focus of the project

The project focused on using Professional Standards for FE teachers as a framework to structure the development of supportive pedagogical resources focused on embedding English learning, underpinned by collaborative working, evaluation of practice, and involving learners in the development of materials.

What is this about and what were the main findings?

A number of project tools were produced, such as the suite of resources themselves as well as a framework for a practice sharing event and a skills awareness training tool for non-teaching staff. Learner outcomes in English and ESOL provision (including participation, retention and success data) improved, and an ongoing staff rtaining programme was established.

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Rosemary Sloman - St Mungo's Broadway

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A case study of a project for improving the quality of teaching practice through developing resources to support the delivery of English skills, with a particular focus on outcomes for learners with barriers to learning caused by personal circumstances.

Resource Type: Case study
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