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OTLA case study of an operational project on paired peer observations led by Redbridge Institute

Principal focus of the project

The Redbridge Institute focused on a 'bottom up approach' to observation of teaching and learning, with teachers taking responsibility for their CPD needs, informing their own judgements for what works in developing outstanding teaching, learning and assessment, and working with managers to develop skills to enable and empower learners to become involved in the learning process.

Areas of learning
What is this about and what were the main findings?

The project found staff morale and motivation improved through challenging practitioners to look at how they inspire and motivate their learners. It also found an increased awareness and deeper understanding of the Professional Standards by all staff engaged with the project. Learner outcomes in all areas of learning were improved. THe porject conlcuded that adopting recommended changes to the peer observation model will ensure ownership and value in the process.

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Rosemary Sloman - Redbridge Institute

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This case study examines a project which aimed to create an opportunity for organisational culture change in multiple related organisations, regarding CPD for teachers of English and ESOL.

Resource Type: Case study
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