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Humber Learning Consortium: Improving E&D practice across a voluntary and community sector network


This resource comprises the report and resources developed by the Equality and Diversity Partnership Project led by the Humber Learning Consortium. The overall aim was to improve equality and diversity practice across a network of 20 voluntary community sector (VCS) learning providers in the Humber sub-region. A Quality Improvement Network was launched and questionnaire created and completed by 20 VCS delivery partners. Following this an Equality and Diversity training session took place (14 attendees) and training materials were produced as part of the training session, which were made available to delivery partners through the QuIP (Quality in Partnership) micro site.

The resources included are:
• Case study
• Self assessment template
• EDI Summary
• Plotting your next steps template
• Demographics exercise

Web link for this resource: Humber Learning Consortium