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Abingdon & Witney College: Action for Inclusion


This resource comprises the report and resources developed by the Equality and Diversity Partnership Project led by Abingdon and Witney College in 2009-10.

The specific aims were:
1. To present a model of collaborative working between Local Authorities and Providers which enables them to:
a. Identify the needs of future cohorts of young people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities who will require specialist provision or additional support in further education and training
b. Review the current options available in the FE sector locally, including Independent Specialist Colleges
c. Plan a strategy to build local capacity for these learners
d. Establish a mechanism for leading and managing the strategy
e. Establish capacity building projects, including how to evaluate the work
f. Plan effectively for both transition into the FE sector and progression into work and independent living
g. Establish mechanisms to ensure that the workforce is both well informed and has access to high quality professional development
The resources included are:
• Abingdon and Witney College Final Report
• Action for Inclusion Curriculum review tool
• Action for Inclusion Evaluation guidance for 2010
• Action for Inclusion Mapping tool post 16 provision
• Action for Inclusion Outcomes of Events
• Action for Inclusion Support review tool

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